About our “Story”

Viet Idea Media Entertainment Co., Ltd (Viet Idea) is a unit specializing in providing advertising time on TV and radio stations with great discounts and incentives for customers, and is also the has many years of experience in the field of production of television programs, advertising films, reportage films, services on film copyright and advertising sponsorship.

History of formation & development

2007 – 2010

Identify core goals, strengthen key human resources

2010 – 2015

Focus on finding and proposing optimal solutions in the role of media production and booking. Become a reputable agency of hundreds of TV channels and Vietnamese brands.

2015 – 2020:

Digital technology dominates, creating a new turning point in the development orientation of businesses and customers

2020 – Now

Highlighting the role of quality in production, while promoting connectivity, spreading humane and positive messages on all digital technology platforms

Vision & mission

The trend of global digital transformation stimulates the growth of prosperity in all areas of socio-economic life, leading among them is Communication Technology. Understanding the creative nature of the digital transformation process, Viet Idea prioritizes understanding and closely analyzing consumer needs in various fields, thereby offering the most optimal plan and solution for the problem. communication stories when accompanying Vietnamese brands.

Over 15 years of operation, Viet Idea with the criterion of Mind – Vision – Trust is proud to bring a new breath of life, marking the outstanding movement of Vietnamese brands through cooperation with hundreds of businesses and customers around the world. country.


Our Project