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Advertising communication products will be broadcast on television or social channels (YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, …) with the best quality, approaching the appropriate public subjects at the request of customers

Production Service Process includes

1. Building (or receiving) ideas

Each different product is born with different intentions and purposes. Therefore, in order to have a unity when working between different units, the required contents are given, called Brief.

2. Writing script

From Brief is agreed, the more detailed content about the details, the content of each scene will be completed in the script

3. Budgeting

From the data on customers’ requirements, the sales department will make a detailed price list of the items needed to make the product.

4. Planning and implementing production

The production department will receive all information from customers, coordinate with related personnel to implement products from ideas, production to post -step steps. In addition, they also take the role of funding management, contacting each department, actors, logistics, scheduling in the crew. Although not the people who directly do artistic work, the producers who have a lot of experience always play an effective role, helping the groups in the crew coordinate and realize the desired intentions. of cutomer

5. Post -production

ost -production is the process of telling the story with images. When placing separate scenes side by side, it makes the audience feel and understand the content that businesses and advertising consulting units send

6. Product distribution on promotional and propaganda platforms

The final step of the media production process is release. The video was transferred to the stations: VTV, HTV, TVAD, … In addition, the video was distributed on websites, social networks such as Facebook, YouTube …

Why should you choose Viet Idea?

Possessing a diversified and professional production scale, Viet Idea is proud to be chosen by hundreds of partners who are Vietnamese TV channels and brands.

Quality products

What makes you most confident is looking at the products that we have made. Besides, the name of the partner who has cooperated with Viet Idea is also a bright spot for customers to easily consider choosing our company.

Reasonable cost

Cost is always a headache that many businesses worry about during the production process of a media product. Viet Idea owns a professional team, ensuring the most competitive and suitable cost for each customer’s needs.

Data saving

A “mindful” production house always attaches importance to the confidentiality of customers’ ideas and copyrights. Besides, you can also see goodwill through feedback on ideas, costs, timelines on time. Normally, storing customer data will last from 1-2 years or maybe longer in order to bring convenience to customers and partners if they want to find important data that they have done.

Product Effect


“Viet Idea is the production unit that we feel most satisfied with. From the stage of ideation to the release of the filming set in just 2 weeks, but the team completed it on schedule for us to put the product on the platforms to PR for the Tet promotion."

“We are very satisfied with the product that Viet Idea has cooperated to produce. With modern equipment, every frame appears shimmering, contributing to spreading the best image to our customers.”

“Thanks to Viet Idea company for joining us in launching a communication product to help reposition the brand in the hearts of customers. It's only a short video, but the crew is extremely powerful, making the recording time also quick. We will continue to cooperate in the next projects.”

“We are extremely satisfied with the services that the company has provided. All of our requests are quickly and efficiently responded to by your company.”

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